Ideas for Making the 4th of July Memorable

The 4th of July is about celebrating the beauty of our country, our traditions, history, and the joy of summertime. Making this holiday fun doesn’t have to be complicated. This curated list of simple ideas will make this year memorable. And hopefully some of these traditions will make it into your baby book and you can come back to them for generations.

Make these simple red white and blue ice cubes

Or how about this patriotic breakfast for your kiddos?

Paint Stars on your lawn – this can be done with spray paint or just stenciled flour!

To make the evening magical, play with a box of sparklers (and these fun light photos would be the perfect addition to your baby book!) Here is a quick tutorial on how to take the long exposure photos.




Paint firework pictures with your kids. All you need is paint, paper, and straws! Here is a great tutorial from My Kids Adventures

Or, make these eraser stamped star shirts from Cutesy Crafts

One of my favorite 4th of July ideas are these brilliant pop-rock sugar cookies from Mom Dot

We have made making a water blob a yearly summer tradition around here because it is so much fun for everyone, and easy. Here is a how to from Homemade Toast




14 Fun Ideas for you and Baby

Need some fun ideas to add to your baby’s book?  Each of the activities below is worthy of a story and a photo.  Just get your camera ready, and then record your memories.  Remember, just a few words can tell a story.  These ideas will definitely eliminate any chance of writer’s block!

1. Write a note to your child- save it in their baby book.

Channel your “new” energy into a thoughtful note for your child to read several years from now.  You can create a custom page on and give it special title like: A Note from your Parents.Just click here!


2. Take a photo of your baby bundled for winter.

No matter where you live, snap a photo of your little one bundled for the cold.  Nothing says “snuggle me” like a baby buried in winter gear.

3. Introduce your little one to something new this month- depending on their age, consider pulling out finger paints, crayons or an easy to solve puzzle.

These kinds of jumbo knob puzzles are just as fun to complete as they are to use for teething!

4. Play music.  Don’t forget to dance too!

Here are two great tunes to get you started:
American Authors- Best Day of My Life
Michael Franti & Spearhead- Sound of Sunshine

5.  Make your own music.

Pots and pans, Tupperware and wooden spoons are fun for music-making.  Don’t let the lack of an actual instrument stop you from making some music.

6.  Blow bubbles.

Do this while they are bathing or at the park.  Simple, inexpensive and fun.

7. Make a fort.

Children of all ages enjoy making a fort, or just sitting in a fort.  No need to get fancy, a sheet and two chairs can make the most basic of forts.  Even a 5-month old in a bouncy seat can appreciate this age-old practice.

8.  Make soapy jars.

Use plastic jars (think recycle bin) or securely closing Tupperware, along with dish soap and food coloring (only if your jar seals tight) to make a great toy to shake and observe.  If your child is too young to shake it up, do it for them and let them watch to bubbles appear then pop.

9. Include your tot in your exercise routine.

It’s hard to imagine the new year without adding a little exercise into the mix.  Whether you jog with them in the stroller or do calf raises with them sitting on your knees, your little one will be happy to know that they were part of your healthy routine.

10.  Set aside your electronics for one night a week.

Instead of being tuned in to your email or the internet, pick one night a week to set your computer, tablet and phone down.  Use the time to play a game, or engage in some of the suggestions above.

11.  See something new: modern art, automobile museum, historic landmark.

Depending on your baby’s age, they may or may not understand the experience fully, but teaching curiosity and exploration is a valuable lesson.  Be sure to snap some photos of the experience, to create a lasting memory for the family.

12. Say “no” to something you don’t want to do- instead spend the time relaxing with your child.

Be selective in how you volunteer your time.  Free time with your baby is a valuable commodity and will be more rewarding than being over committed!

13.  Make the most of the weather.

Cloudy?  Take the time to watch them move.  Snowing?  Go outside and catch a flake.  Raining?  Take your baby outside to feel the rain on their face.  Sunny?  Get some fresh air and enjoy the warmth.  Sometimes the most obvious things can get overlooked on a busy day.

14. Enjoy your year!  Laugh often, love deeply, and live fully.