As a busy mother of three, I have laid in bed numerous nights plotting how I’m going to create a picture-perfect baby book for each one of my boys. I want to remember the first time each one of my children rolled and crawled, walked and talked; I don’t want to forget when my oldest got his first haircut or when my youngest cut his first tooth. But let’s face it – our world is busy, chaotic and fast. Who has the time to put one baby book together…much less two or three? Between careers, parenting and life’s obligations, there hasn’t been an easy way to document each magical moment – until now.

I created My Own Little Story to make baby booking as easy as responding to an e-mail and as fun as talking to a girlfriend. With My Own Little Story, all you have to do is register online and we will walk you through the rest. You’re expecting? Then please register while you’re pregnant and get a head start on making those memories last a lifetime. We will prompt you for photos and fun facts, all you have to do is register. As soon as you’re ready to hold your baby book, just click and order.

Enjoy, laugh, remember.

“My 17-month-old says ‘hangaburg’ for hamburger and barks every time he sees a dog – I say I’ll never forget these magical moments but I know if I don’t write them down, I surely will forget. With My Own Little Story, we will not let you forget!”

Kristin Coons
CEO & Founder

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